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The Lottery has no Memory
Many people believe that if a number has not come up in a while then it is due to be picked.  Many mathematicians agree that randomized numbers cannot come due because in a random system there is no memory of the previous numbers picked, therefore, you will have the same odds picking numbers that are "due".
Numbers are due to be picked
The reverse side of the above theory is that numbers are due to be picked.  Although most professionals agree with the above theory, there is an argument to be made for numbers coming due.  To realize this you must think about it in simpler terms.  If you were to take a quarter and flip it ten times and received heads ten times then you would assume that a tails would be due.  It has been proven that over a greater sample size (say 100,00 coin tosses) the heads to tails ratio becomes closer to 50%.  This insinuates that numbers are indeed due to be picked in a truly random system.  It may take a while though.
Certain Numbers are More likely to be picked than others
This is based on historical data that shows that certain numbers seem to be picked more often than others.  My first question would be, "How much historical data do you have?"  With thirteen million combinations of numbers, I'm sure that there just isn't enough data.  There are some rumors going around that certain states use weighted balls to control the drawings.  This is unfounded but it is scary.
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