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Oregon MegaBucks
Megabucks - Play at $4 Million
Although the state of Oregon does not agree to any specific payouts (payouts depend on the amount of tickets sold and number of winners), this is still one of the best games to play in the country.  With jackpot odds of 1 in just over 6 Million, you should buy a ticket when the jackpot reaches 4 Million.
We will start this page off with the most important part.  How can you possibly increase your odds of winning the Oregon Megabucks?  It is actually quite simple.  The only problem is that you will need a great deal of patience and self control to pull it off.  All you have to do is save your money.  By saving your money for a long time before you play you will be able to increase your odds.  How in the world could this be? 

Here is the math part of it:

If you buy 1 ticket with 1 sequence of numbers your odds are 1:6,135,756 or 1 divided by 6,135,756 if you want a percent.

If you were to buy 10 tickets with 10 different sequences of numbers then your odds would be 10:6,135,756 or 1 in 613,575.6.

That's a big difference.

Why does it seem like the people that play in large groups always win?  It's because they are buying more tickets.  It's common sense.  So just go buy more tickets.

How am I supposed to do that without going broke?  Well my answer would be "How do you do anything without going broke?" 

Set up a budget.  If you buy 1 ticket a week then that should be enough to greatly improve your odds of winning. 

Now that you know the strategy, you need to know when to play your money.  That is answered in the analysis below.
The Oregon Megabucks game was started in November of 1985.  The current jackpot record is $30 Million which was reached on 11/15/04.
Oregon Megabucks History
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The Oregon Megabucks game proceeds in spent in this fashion.  50% of the proceeds go to the winners of the game, 34% of the proceeds go to public funds (education, roads, etc.) and 16% of the proceeds go to administrative costs (salaries, rent, etc.).
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