New York Lottery - When to Play
Use this guide to determine when to play a specific game in the New York lottery.  This page focuses on the odds of playing any particular game and what I call the "Expected Value" to determine when is the best time to play.
New York
Mega Millions - Avoid
Based on the odds of playing the Mega Millions, the Jackpot shoud be at least $143,752,177 before you consider playing.  I do not recommend playing Mega Millions games because the odds are far too astronomical for you to affect.
NY Lotto - Best Option
Even though the jackpot will reach a high enough point to make the Expected Value of your play equal to 1, the odds (in my opinion) do not support playing this game.  The odds are just too low for the jackpot as well as with the smaller prizes.  I would avoid playing this game.  And the Lotto Extra feature is just another way of siphoning money out of you.  Here are your odds for the regular NY Lotto.
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