Idaho State Lottery - Improve Your Odds
Use this guide to determine when to play a specific game in the Idaho state lottery.  This page focuses on the odds of playing any particular game and what I call the "Expected Value" to determine when is the best time to play.
Based on the odds of playing the Idaho Powerball lottery, the Jackpot should be at least $161,134,919 before you consider playing.  I do not recommend playing Powerball games because the odds are far too astronomical for you to affect. Note that you can also add to your potential winnings by choosing the powerplay option but this does not increase your odds of winning.
Hot Lotto Sizzler - Play for $1
This game offers you the opportunity to "double down" on your lottery ticket and the state will actually pay you 3 times the prize amount for the non-jackpot prizes.  Why would they do this?  Well, maybe they have underpriced the prizes. The Jackpot needs to be just over 8 Million dollars to justify playing the $1 ticket and the jackpot should be around 14 million dollars to justify playing the $2 dollar ticket.  In other words just buy 2 $1 tickets and call it a day.
Here is yet another multi-state game for Idaho.  This would be fine but all of the multi-state lotteries' odds are terrible.  In this game you pick five numbers and a wild card.  The wild card aspect of this game makes the odds significantly better than other powerball type games.  The problem with this game is that the Jackpot will never become high enough to justify playing.  If it ever gets to $900,500 you should play.
Wild Card 2 - Avoid
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