Georgia State Lottery - Improve your Odds of Winning
Use this guide to determine when to play a specific game in the Georgia state lottery.  This page focuses on the odds of playing any particular game and what I call the "Expected Value" to determine when is the best time to play.
Georgia Mega Millions Lottery - Avoid
The Georgia mega millions lottery draws people in by offering enormous jackpots.  Before you play this game you should ask yourself "Do I really need 180 Million Dollars?  Or will 10 Million due?" 

In the Mega Millions the only guaranteed win (divided by the number of winners) is the Jackpot.  This makes it impossible for me to determine the Dollar Value per Odd for this game.  The odds of winning the Jackpot are 1 in 175,711,536.  Generally this means that the Jackpot should be about 144 Million to justify playing the game.
Georgia Fantasy 5 Lottery - Avoid
The Georgia Fantasy 5 is a five number selection with no powerball.  This means that it offers decent odds.  The problem is that the jackpot starts too low to make it worth your time and money.  If you waited until the jackpot was high enough to play this game you would only play about once per year.  But if you are set on it, you should play when the jackpot reaches $447,264.  Here are your odds.
Win for Life - Avoid
There are several versions of this game across the United States.  The best one I have found is in Oregon in which the odds are only 1 in 1.3 million and it is worth playing if you plan on living for the next 33 years.  This game on the other hand has odds of 1 in 5 Million and you should only play if you plan to live for the next 70 years.  So if you are 5 years old, you should play this game.
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