Florida Winning Lottery Strategy
Use this guide to determine when to play a specific game in the Florida lottery.  This page focuses on the odds of playing any particular game and what I call the "Expected Value" to determine when is the best time to play.
Based on the odds of playing the Florida Powerball, the Jackpot should be at least $161,134,919 before you consider playing.  I do not recommend playing Powerball games because the odds are far too astronomical for you to affect. Note that you can also add to your potential winnings by choosing the powerplay option but this does not increase your odds of winning.
Florida Lotto - Play for $1
The Florida Lotto offers you the choice to play for $1, $2 or $3 per play.  Naturally you would think that the prizes would be doubled or tripled if you doubled or tripled your bet.  That is not how it works however.  Only the jackpot increases and it does not increase enough.  If you were to buy a ticket for $1 then the jackpot should be $18,794,041.  If you were to buy a $2 ticket then the jackpot should be $41,752,421.  And if you were to buy a $3 ticket then the jackpot should be $64,710,001.  Here are your odds.
The mega money game is like a mini powerball game for Florida.  It is a decent game with decent odds but you really should save your money and play all at once after the jackpot reaches 2 Million.  The reason for this is that the game isn't worth playing until the jackpot reaches 2.4 million.  The problem is that the state of Florida limits the jackpot at 2 Million and then rolls the excess down over the lower prizes.  So the money is still there it's just not as apparrent.  Here are your odds of winning.
Mega Money - Play when Jackpot reaches 2 Milllion
Fantasy 5 - Avoid
Here is another Florida game where the top prize rolls down if no one wins the jackpot with the second place prize rising to a maximum of $555.  I would avoid this game because the odds do not justify playing.  You would need over a $200,000 jackpot in order to win and the pot does not grow.
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