Arizona State Lottery
Use this guide to determine when to play a specific game in the Arizona state lottery.  This page focuses on the odds of playing any particular game and what I call the "Expected Value" to determine when is the best time to play.
Based on the odds of playing the Arizona Powerball, the Jackpot should be at least $161,134,919 before you consider playing.  I do not recommend playing Mega Millions games because the odds are far too astronomical for you to affect. Note that you can also add to your potential winnings by choosing the powerplay option but this does not increase your odds of winning.
The Pick - Play
The Pick is game that is very similar to the powerball except for the fact that there is no powerball feature which makes the odds of winning significantly greater.   The jackpot, however, is significantly smaller, so you will have to deal with only winning several million instead of 100 million.  You should play this game when the jackpot reaches $5,703,944.
Pick 5 - Play
The Pick 5 game is nice because you only have to choose five numbers from a smaller group of numbers (39).  The trick is that the jackpot only starts at $50,000.  This reduces the appeal of the game.  This is still a good game to play because of the better odds of winning.  You should play this game when the jackpot reaches $405,237.
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