How Do You Win the Lottery

Increasing your chance of winning the lottery has some strategies attached to it. Several people propose that the strategy that works involves buying multiple tickets of a single draw. This way you can significantly better your odds from say, 1 in a million to about 1 in 50, if you purchase 50 tickets. Also, this way you get to work various combinations of numbers, that itself would improve your chance of winning by a big margin. Continue reading “How Do You Win the Lottery”

How Can I Win the Lottery


Lottery, essentially a game of luck, does not come with any guarantee. That is to say, when you purchase a lottery ticket, even though you know that someone’s life is going to change at the end of the draw, there is no guarantee that it would be you. However, if you continue playing regularly, your turn could come too. It is, therefore, important that you continue playing. Till you win the jackpot, you can always win smaller prizes and continue enjoying the occasional game. Continue reading “How Can I Win the Lottery”