How Do You Win the Lottery

Increasing your chance of winning the lottery has some strategies attached to it. Several people propose that the strategy that works involves buying multiple tickets of a single draw. This way you can significantly better your odds from say, 1 in a million to about 1 in 50, if you purchase 50 tickets. Also, this way you get to work various combinations of numbers, that itself would improve your chance of winning by a big margin.

Lottery draws throw up completely unpredictable numbers, so nobody can say for sure which numbers will come and plan accordingly. Thus, the way to plan is around the number of tickets you buy. If it is not possible to buy tickets in a quantity that is significant enough to up your chances, it is best to join a lottery pool. Lottery pool may be formed with a number of like-minded people in your office, neighborhood, social club or sports club. This way every one adds up their funds, and it becomes possible to buy multiple tickets for multiple draws. Moreover, sooner rather than later, you should be able to find yourself among the winners.

Another strategy recommended by some people is to opt for large numbers. Most people tend to select birthdates as their numbers and the maximum this was is 31. So if you choose at least some numbers higher than 31, and your numbers come up, there is less likelihood of having to share the prize with a lot of people.

Another way of winning the lottery is to stick to the same numbers each time. This way, your numbers should come up in the draw soon enough. Also play different lotteries at different times. There are several lotteries on offer, with options like Lotto, scratch card, instant games, etc. playing different games would widen your chances of winning. There are lotteries offered by states where there are fewer number of players compared to those playing national lotteries. So opting for a state level lottery will increase your odds of being a winner.

If your lottery has the option of second chance draw, enter your ticket for it. Even if your ticket didn’t win the first time, it could still be a winner in the second chance draw.

To make sure you turn up a winner, if your numbers do get called in the draw, remember it is important to secure your ticket first. If you bought a physical ticket, sign it the moment you purchase it. Keep it with you safely, and remember to double check the numbers against the draw. It is the responsibility of the ticket buyer to make sure that they keep their ticket safe and claim the prize in case they have won as the lottery operator does not have the responsibility to inform buyers.

So in simple words to answer your query how do you win the lottery? Begin by making a strategy, while buying the lottery ticket and taking a few sensible precautions along with some hints given above will increase the possibility of you counting yourself among winners soon!

How Can I Win the Lottery


Lottery, essentially a game of luck, does not come with any guarantee. That is to say, when you purchase a lottery ticket, even though you know that someone’s life is going to change at the end of the draw, there is no guarantee that it would be you. However, if you continue playing regularly, your turn could come too. It is, therefore, important that you continue playing. Till you win the jackpot, you can always win smaller prizes and continue enjoying the occasional game. Continue reading “How Can I Win the Lottery”