The Strategy
In an average state lottery, your odds of winning are about 1 in 14 million if you buy one ticket.  If you buy 2 tickets, then the odds shift to 1 in 7 million.  So if you were to buy 100 tickets... well you get the idea.

Now I got to thinking.  How do I buy more tickets without spending more money?  Well, you can’t just steal the tickets so I had to come up with something else.  Then I came to the conclusion that I didn’t need to buy more tickets, I just needed to buy more per drawing.  That’s when I got the idea for a lottery budget.  This would be some money that I would set aside every time I would normally play the lottery until the jackpot was really high.  This way I could play all of my money at once, increase my odds of winning the lottery, and potentially come home with a lot more money than if I had picked a different time.  But then I was confronted with the question “When is the best time to play?”.

Now that I had a budget, I needed to decide when the best time to play was.  Statistically speaking, using an expected value equation to decide when would be the best time to play is the most applicable formula to apply to a game like the lottery. The time to play varies between every game because the odds of winning and jackpot amount are always different, but for me it was around 13 million dollars.  Since the best time to play varies for each game, I have done calculations to determine when to play based on each games lottery odds.

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